This course prepares and provides learners from all contexts a platform to start with foundation practical training before progressing to higher learning programmes. It builds on basic operational skills and provides the learner with practical operational and technical skills required in the Hospitality Environment.

Course Objectives

This qualification will provide hands-on skills and knowledge for the learner to be competent in the hospitality industry. It builds on basic operational skills and provides the learner with practical operational and technical skills.

Cambridge English Business Certificate

The Certificate in Cambridge English Business is designed for students with some or no knowledge of English. It prepares students in acquiring the basic fundamental English proficiency to prepare them for academic progression.

Learning Outcomes

Cambridge English Business certificates are officially recognized by thousands of educational organizations, employers , ministries, government bodies and professional organization throughout the world as a suitable qualification for business use.

Leading international companies like Bayer, casio, HSBC, Vodafone and P&G have all recognized Cambridge english business certificates For more details please visit:

Awarding Body

Rajasthan ILD Skill University Jaipur

Entry Requirements

10+2 (Any Course)

Mode of Delivery

Face to face: Practical cum lecture-based

Assessment Methods

Written Assignments, Practical demonstration/test; Final Examinations

Graduation Requirements

Obtained minimum passing marks in all modules

Course Duration

Full-time: 6 months

Next Available Intake(s)

Admission Open for 2019 Session

Cambridge English Business Certificate

Awarding Body

Cambridge English language Assessment, part of university of cambridge

Entry Requirements


Mode of Delivery

Classroom-based Lectures, pair work, group work, discussion, field trips and tests.

Assessment Methods

Students are graded upon the skills of: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Certification Level

Cambridge English Business Preliminary (CEFR Level B1)
Cambridge English Business Vantage (CEFR Level B2)
Cambridge English Business Higher (CEFR Level C1)


Full Time: 50 hours

Next available intake(s)

The intake for this program is done in monthly basis or according to availability of seats in the batches.


Student learn about the basics of food service, standard operating procedure, enhancing knowledge of national and international cocktail and mock tail of food and beverage service .


Student get an over view about the national and international cuisine by developing skill in theory and practical knowledge.


This module is designed to introduce students to the organizational structure and various functions of a modern hotel. Students will lean the various classifications of accommodation, arrival and departure of guests, cashiering, concierge services and back-of-house functions.


Student will learn about the basics of hotel introduction which includes the layout hierarchy of the hotel and to know duty and responsibility of the department including various types of cleaning method and coordination with the other department.


Students gets an opportunity to learn about the hospitality ector through one of our hospitality partner in any part in India and abroad. In the 6 months industry visit student work in individual section where they get an through knowledge about their core areas. They are to make a research project as per their development and skill which needs to evaluate by the companies Manager and to submit the research project during the college evaluation.

Cambridge English Business Certificate

Cambridge English business preliminary

A Level B1 certificate. Achieving a certificate at this level proves that the candidate is able to communicate with native speakers for routine business and workplace purpose.

Cambridge English business vantage:

A Level B2 certificate. A certificate at this level proves that the candidate is becoming skilled in business English.

Cambridge English business higher

A Level C1 certificate. The second highest level on the CERF scale. Level /c1 are required in demanding professional settings, and achieving a certificate at this level proves that a candidate has reached a very advance level of English.

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