BVoc. (Bachelors 3 years) in Hotel and Hospitality Administration

Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Tourism

Udaipur's reputation as the home of hotel and hospitality management was established over 50 years ago. Catering to an exclusive clientele who demanded the highest level of service Udaipur hoteliers responded by creating standard for the processes of hotel operations. These ideas became the foundation for the enviable reputation in hospitality management that Udaipur continues to enjoy even today.

The Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Tourism, Udaipur was established in year 2003 and is registered as an Educational Society under Rajasthan Societies Act, 1958. At IHMC-U, the dedicated, professional team of hospitality experts teach an exciting curriculum based on Swiss Hospitality Tradition.

The society regulates academics for hospitality management through structured courses of studies. Quality of education provided through the institute helps one to emerge as a professional of top order for hospitality and other service sectors.

Our quality programs deliver a broad based education that reflects the reality of hospitality and tourism industry worldwide. . Academic sessions, practical skills, ethics & personal development are cultivated in all of our students in a safe, international and multi-culutral environment.

  • Practical Innovation
  • Immaculate Precision
  • Dependable Quality
  • Professional Leadership
  • Discrete Discipline

These skills, combined with paid internship placements, ensures that students graduate ready to take on the challenges of a career in the exciting, international hospitality industry. IHMC-U is known for its valuable extensive placements. It has become a by-word in the hospitality industry for excellence, quality, professionalism and operational expertise. At IHMC-U our aim is to ensure that every student leaves us feeling that they have had the best learning experience possible and have drawn fully on the significant resources that IHMC-U offers.

Introduction: BVoc. (Bachelors 3 years) in Hotel and Hospitality Administration

The Bsc. Degree Hotel and hospitality administration programme’s objective is to train students for operational and management positions. The programme combines cutting-edge management science with traditional know-how in hotel and restaurant management. Students are expected to participate actively in every phase of this highly informative academic program, and coursework is reinforced through immediate application of knowledge in practical settings.The faculty strives to attain outrivaled teaching standards by pushing back the boundaries in their respective disciplines and coursework complements practical training, cultural and technical seminars. Consisting of a fixed curriculum of required courses, students alternate coursework with practical situations in which they have the opportunity to apply and test what they have learned while attending the B sc. Degree in Hotel and hospitality administration

More Feature of Bachelor degree Programme

Students have all basic knowledge required. Students then are ready to begin team management, right in School. They develop their analytical capacities, using the wealth of knowledge they now have, devise strategies and the take their first steps in making decisions. These experiences, in the framework of upcoming practical applications, allow them to begin Management Training in a company without any stress.

Industrial Attachment

Each student will again go through a six-month industrial attachment at hotels. This is yet another opportunity to display the learning evidence not only in class but also in practical performance. During and before finishing the industrial attachment, each intern will be evaluated to determine the extent of learning and qualifications of such intern.

The student is expected to gain the confidence to be fully employed at this stage.IHMC-U emphasizes a lot on an internship as internship experiences are key to building exposure as a student or recent graduate. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience – particularly in a competitive industry like the hospitality and tourism. IHMC-U has strong industry linkages with leading hotel chains, integrated resorts as well as top F&B establishments. Our lecturers keep connected with our students and check on them while they embark on their internship journey.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students, who have by now acquired legal, economic and linguistic capacities, are ready to manage teams at school. In this year, they develop their analytical capabilities, call upon the knowledge accumulated so far, devise strategies and take decisions.

Awarding Body

Rajasthan ILD Skill University Jaipur

Entry Requirements to Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management (Top Up)

Academic Requirement 10 + 2 (Any course or field)

Mode of Delivery

Classroom-based Lectures, Tutorials, Discussions and/or Research

Assessment Methods

Written Assignments, Examinations plus Project / Industrial Attachment

Graduation Requirements

Obtained a passing mark in all examinable modules

Progression Pathway

Students who complete the Bsc. In hotel and Hospitality administration can enroll in Masters in Hotel management or any other Master programme of their choice

Semester Duration

Full-time: 6 months

Maximum Candidature Period

Full-time: 36 months
Industrial Attachment: 6 months

Next available intake(s)

Admission Open for 2022 Session


This module is designed to introduce students to the organizational structure and various functions of a modern hotel. Students will learn the various classifications of hotel accommodation, process of arrival and departure of guests, types of billing, concierge services and rooms reservation functions.


This module has learning about the basics of hotel introduction which includes the layout hierarchy of the hotel.and to know duty and responsibility of the department including various types of cleaning method.


This course educate student about different types of service and food.This course students learn about different types of services, speak about cousins. Student also learn about the national and international spirits and wine which helps students to upsell the product and meet budget.


Learn about the basics of food production including identification, fabrication, menu planning, grooming and hygine standard. Taught about national and international cousins which help students to cope up with industry requirements with the application of their skill and knowledge.


To enhance international language for further growth in hospitality carrier.


This module introduces students to professional development skills that will increase their employability profile. Students will learn effective communication skills and proper etiquette.


Skill of computer help students to grow up For their research and project.


Has an over view about hotel project and maintenance to handle smooth running hotel operation.


This module facilitates an understanding of the policies, procedures, and systems of the hotel unit which required to attract, select, develop and retain quality employees legislation. The module also emphasizes human resource issues in the hospitality sector through their analysis and project work.


Organisation Behaviour (OB) is an interdisciplinary field that aims to better understand and manage people in the workplace.


This module has emphasis about nutrition and food values of product such as vitamin,carbohydrate,protein ,fat and their proportion and requirement of human body.


Students have the opportunity to be placed in one of our partner’s hospitality companies. In the 6 months industry visit students can plays an important role of their respective department and to make their project after the evaluation of company supervisor and managers.


This module taught about the etiquette ,mnanners,and behavior with the customer which helps student to create an positive environment in the organization and to differentiate between the professional and personal relationship with the customer.


Students gets an opportunity to learn about the hospitality ector through one of our hospitality partner in any part in India and abroad. In the 6 months industry visit student work in individual section where they get an through knowledge about their core areas. They are to make a research project as per their development and skill which needs to evaluate by the companies Manager and to submit the research project during the college evaluation.

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